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Thursday November 26 2020 

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BISHA Senior Nationals Schedule
Nov 14, 2012, 11:31 pm
      NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012                      
    GROUP A   GROUP B     GROUP C   GROUP D          
    The Warlords   South Coast Devils     London Sreet Warriors   Hallamshire Hornets          
    Cardiff Panthers   Voodoo     Norton Cyclones   KSF          
    Oxford Blues   Crusaders     Frogs   Swindon Flames          
SATURDAY 1st December           SUNDAY 2nd December                
9.00 The Warlords V Cardiff Panthers 1 2X15M 9.00 2ND GROUP C V 1ST GROUP D 16 2X15M      
9.45 South Coast Devils V Voodoo 2 2X15M 9.45 3RD GRP A V 3RD GRP B 17 2X15M      
10.30 London Sreet Warriors V Norton Cyclones 3 2X15M 10.30 3RD GROUP C V 3RD GROUP D 18 2X15M      
11.15 Hallamshire Hornets V KSF 4 2X15M 11.15 LOSER GAME 13 V LOSER GAME 15 19 2X15M      
12.00 Cardiff Panthers V Oxford Blues 5 2X15M 12.00 LOSER GAME 14 V LOSER GAME 16 20 2X15M      
12.45 Voodoo V Crusaders 6 2X15M 12.45 WINNER GAME 13 V WINNER GAME 15 21 2X15M SEMI FINAL    
13.30 Norton Cyclones V Frogs 7 2X15M 13.30 WINNER GAME 14 V WINNER GAME 16 22 2X15M SEMI FINAL    
14.15 KSF V Swindon Flames 8 2X15M 14.15 LOSER GAME 17 V LOSER GAME 18 23 2X15M 11/12 PLACE    
15.00 Oxford Blues V The Warlords 9 2X15M 15.00 WINNER GAME 17 V WINNER GAME 18 24 2X15M 9/10 PLACE    
15.45 Crusaders V South Coast Devils 10 2X15M 15.45 LOSER GAME 19 V LOSER GAME 20 25 2X15M 7/8 PLACE    
16.30 Frogs V London Street Warriors 11 2X15M 16.30 WINNER GAME 19 V WINNER GAME 20 26 2X15M 5/6 PLACE    
17.15 Swindon Flames V Hallamshire Hornets 12 2X15M 17.15 LOSER GAME 21 V LOSER GAME 22 27 2X15M 3/4 PLACE    
18.00 1ST GROUP A V 2ND GROUP B 13 2X15M 18.00 WINNER GAME 21 V WINNER GAME 22 28 3X15M 1/2 PLACE    
18.45 2ND GROUP A V 1ST GROUP B 14 2X15M                  
19.30 1ST GROUP C V 2ND GROUP D 15 2X15M                  
ALL GAMES EXCEPT FINAL 2 X 15 MINS, 1 TIME OUT PER PERIOD ALLOWED.                            

BISHA Junior Nationals Schedule Updated
Oct 25, 2012, 11:00 pm
    London Knightz   Stansted Warriors      
    Oxford Hurricanes   Swindon Flames      
    Crusader Kings   Eastbourne Edge      
    Norton Cyclones   Aztec Dragons      
Saturday 3rd November 2012              
09:30 1 London Knightz V Oxford Hurricanes 2 x 15    
10:15 2 Crusader Kings V Norton Cyclones 2 x 15    
11:00 3 Stansted Warriors V Swindon Flames 2 x 15    
11:45 4 Eastbourne Edge V Aztec Dragons 2 x 15    
12:30 5 London Knightz V Crusader Kings 2 x 15    
13:15 6 Oxford Hurricanes V Norton Cyclones 2 x 15    
14:00 7 Stansted Warriors V Eastbourne Edge 2 x 15    
14:45 8 Swindon Flames V Aztec Dragons 2 x 15    
15:30 9 London Knightz V Norton Cyclones 2 x 15    
16:15 10 Oxford Hurricanes V Crusader Kings 2 x 15    
17:00 11 Stansted Warriors V Aztec Dragons 2 x 15    
17:45 12 Swindon Flames V Eastbourne Edge 2 x 15    
Sunday 4th November 2012              
09:00 13 4TH GROUP ONE V 3RD GROUP TWO 2x15 5th - 8th  
09:45 14 3RD GROUP ONE V 4TH GROUP TWO 2x15 5th - 8th  
10:30 15 IST GROUP ONE V 2ND GROUP TWO 2 x 15 SEMI  
11:15 16 IST GROUP TWO V 2ND GROUP ONE 2 x 15 SEMI  
12:00 17 LOSER GAME 13 V LOSER GAME 14 2 x 15 7TH - 8TH  
12:45 18 WINNER GAME 13 V WINNER GAME 14 2 x 15 5TH - 6TH  
13:30 19 LOSER GAME 15 V LOSER GAME 16 2 x 15 3RD - 4TH  
14:15 20 WINNER GAME 15 V WINNER GAME 16 3 x 15 1ST 2ND  
15:30   PRESENTATION          

Double League Champions 2012
Sep 30, 2012, 8:43 pm

We started 2012 without the Peewees, Youth & Juniors after politics got the better of hockey. Nevertheless, In true Warrior style, those left at the club stuck together to ensure the future of the club remained secure. Despite outside negative influences the loyal players and management began the rebuilding process.

10 months later both Juniors and Senior A were crowned LESHA Champions after a difficult season. The team spirit shown throughout the season has proven to be the defining factor in our success. Every player and member of the management dug deep and produced some of their best hockey.

The Juniors teamed up with Stansted Hockey Club this season to ensure both set of players could continue playing hockey at the highest level against some of the best teams.

They entered the Bisha North Junior Tourny and despite travelling with only 4 players, the Northern teams helped out and ensured we finished a respectable 4th. However it was the League that was the important one and when they needed the perfomances, they delivered with style. Despite being written off as early as the 1st game of the season, they produced the goods and walked away with the well deserved League title. It all came down to the last game of the season against the breakaway club, London Knightz. In a exciting and skillful game, the Juniors kept their heads and concentrated on their game tactics to produce a sublime display of hockey to overcome their opponents, 5-4. The result justified everything Warriors stands for and will always continue to promote....Ball Hockey.

Considering the Junior team was predominatly made up of Youth playing up and coached by Gareth Bell in his debut year as coach with the support of Head Coach Glenn Jordan and captained by Warriors stalwart, Callan Gayle it turned out to be a fantastic year for the talented group of players. We would like to thank everyone at Stansted for their vision and support.


Senior B had an interesting season. With a mix of experience and youth combined with intense training, they have completed the season in a respectable and deserved 5th place. They will continue next season with a bigger and better squad to challenge the A team for positions and show the rest of the league they are here to stay.


Senior A have proved once again why London Street Warriors is THE number 1 club in the country for consistency and success. After losing their long term captain at the start of the season and finishing 2011 empty handed, the gameplan changed and looked to the future and not the past. The training regime changed, the team spirit improved and the general outlook changed. It was very much the case of Out with the Old and In with the New!

Denmark was a big test for the small squad that travelled but they once again showed the Warrior spirit and came away with the Fair Play Award and a commendable 6th place. It proved to be the turning point of the season as they went on to dominate the remaining League games. Players were transferred to bolster the A team to ensure the final drive for the title didn't falter, finishing with a thrilling 5-4 win over arch rivals and current National Champions, Borehamwood Crusaders.

So with 2 teams qualifying for Nationals, it has already proved to be a successful 30th year.

We would like to thanks ALL our members, players, coaches, management, friends and family for your continued support of London Street Warriors SHC.

Hope to see you all at the Nationals, where hopefully the season gets better!


Updated Last Day Fixtures 30th Sept 2012
Sep 27, 2012, 1:50 pm
11:00:00 P Knightz   Vs   Spitfires Alex/Celia Jan/Denise
13:00:00 J Libs   Vs   Kings Alex/Will Celia/Helena
14:00:00 J Knightz   Vs   Stansted Warriors BWC/BWC Denise/Jan
15:00:00 S SL Lions   Vs   Enforcers LSW/Knightz TonyG/Celia
16:00:00 S LSW II   Vs   Knightz
Nigel/BWC  Jan/Denise
17:00:00 S Havering Liberators   Vs   Borehamwood Kings LSW/Knightz Denise/Jan
18:00:00 S BWC   Vs   LSW TonyK/Alstarz Jan/Alex

Remaining Fixtures
Aug 31, 2012, 10:59 am
Wk 16 Date 02/09/12            
Time Venue Eversley            
12:00:00 S London Street Warriors   Vs   London Street Warriors II TBA TBA
13:00:00 S SL Lions   Vs   Alstarz Nigel/BWC Alex/Denise
14:00:00 S Kings   Vs   Knightz Sab/Wes TonyG/Denise
15:00:00 S Enforcers   Vs   LSW LeeJ/LeeH Jan/Alex
16:00:00 S South London Lions   Vs   London Street Warriors II Knightz/Knightz Alex/Celia
17:00:00 S Liberators   Vs   Crusaders LSW/LSW Celia/Jan
18:00:00 S Alstarz   Vs   Knightz Nigel/BWC Celia/Denise
Wk 17 Date 09/09/12            
Time Venue Hatfield            
12:00:00 S SL Lions       BWC Knightz/Knightz Alex/Jan
13:00:00 P Lionhearts   Vs   Spitfires Alex/Will Jan/Denise
14:00:00 J Stansted Warriors   Vs   Kings Alex/Knightz Jan/Celia
15:00:00 Y Libs   Vs   Saracens Alex/Will TonyG/Helena
16:00:00 S BWC   Vs   Knightz LSW/LSW Jan/Celia
17:00:00 S Enforcers   Vs   Kings LeeJ/Knightz Celia/Alex
18:00:00 S Alstarz   Vs   LSW Nigel/BWC Jan/Denise
Wk 18 Date 16/09/12            
Time Venue Eversley            
12:00:00 P Lionhearts   Vs   Spitfires Alex/Celia Jan/Denise
13:00:00 J Knightz   Vs   Kings LSW/Will Jan/Denise
14:00:00 S Havering Liberators   Vs   LSW Nigel/Knightz Helena/Alex
15:00:00 S SL Lions   Vs   Knightz Nigel/LSW Celia/Hayden
16:00:00 Y Knightz   Vs   Hurricanes Alex/Will Lewis/Celia
17:00:00 S Liberators   Vs   Knightz Nigel/LSW Jan/Denise
18:00:00 S Enforcers   Vs   Alstarz Nigel/Knightz Jan/Denise
Wk 19 Date 30/09/12            
Time Venue Eversley            
11:00:00 P Knightz   Vs   Spitfires Alex/Celia Jan/Denise
12:00:00 S LSW II   Vs   Knightz Nigel/BWC Jan/Denise
13:00:00 J Libs   Vs   Kings Alex/Will Celia/Helena
14:00:00 J Knightz   Vs   Stansted Warriors BWC/BWC Denise/Jan
15:00:00 S SL Lions   Vs   Enforcers LSW/Knightz TonyG/Celia
16:00:00 Y Knightz   Vs   Saracens Will/Celia Jan/Alex
17:00:00 S Havering Liberators   Vs   Borehamwood Kings LSW/Knightz Denise/Jan
18:00:00 S BWC   Vs   LSW TonyK/Alstarz Jan/Alex

BiSHA Team GB Senior
Aug 30, 2012, 10:42 am

Sunday 23rd September 10am-1pm in Lutterworth and Sunday 7th October 9am-12pm Hatfield Leisure Centre. If you ARE NOT part of the current team, please let me know if you wish to attend either trial. If you ARE part of the current team, please let me know if a) you are not participating this year or b) you wish to play but may not make the trial(s). See you there!!!

Warriors 30th Anniversary Cup
Aug 14, 2012, 11:15 am


White Oaks Leisure Centre, Swanley, Kent

8 Elite Teams 

1 Day

£200 entry with BiSHA Referee

£235 without BiSHA Referee

FREE Spectator Entry

Hockey Stall


if you would like to register your interest please email admin@streetwarriors.co.uk

Save Mechanics Goalie School Launches 18th Aug @ Dartford
Aug 2, 2012, 4:46 pm

You’ve seen his YouTube Videos, you’ve seen him in the World Championships helping Great Britain to their first ever Pool A win over Finland, now, we are very excited to announce that James Tanner is officially opening his own dedicated goalie school: “Save Mechanics Goalie School” is open! 

Finally inline hockey goalies will have training sessions and camps they can attend, getting coached in person by James Tanner, head instructor, and current Senior Great Britain Goalie. Goalies have asked for goalie specific training for a long time; we aren’t just targets. Now goalies will learn more in one session than months at their regular training. Drills made for goalies, not the team, from one of the world’s leading goaltenders, with modern technology and props thrown in.

To start the school with a bang, the first ever Goalie Camp will be held in Dartford, UK, on the 18th August 2012, 2pm – 5pm. As it is a demo camp, it will be a packed half day: 

12:30pm – 1pm: Goalies arrive at venue
1pm – 1:20pm: Meet James, brief introduction, format of the day. 
1:20pm – 1:45pm: Off pitch warm up
1:45pm – 2:30pm: Goalies get kitted, ready to go at 2:30pm
2:30pm – 5:30pm: The goalies will get 3 hours of on-pitch training

The three hour session will follow the same preseason format as used in ice hockey prospect camps in North America. Video will be shot through the day, compiled, and copies sent to the goalies in CD format for them to keep and review. In addition they will get an assessment form sent to them in the post filled in personally by James Tanner detailing strengths, areas for improvement, and drill suggestions (on and off the pitch) to use to gain that advantage over their peers in the coming season.

The Dartford venue is a sports hall, and has an excellent surface for skating; it’s the type of surface James trains on every week and has got him to be one of the best known inline goalies in the world. The venue has water fountains but it is suggested Goalies bring their own food and refreshments.

The camp is open to goalies of all ages and abilities, and at this stage unsure if it will be with balls or pucks, we have both, we may make that decision based on the type of goalies who show interest. If you have any concerns that the camp may be too advanced or amateur for your requirements, please don’t hesitate to message James privately to discuss. We anticipate having a mix of goalies and crucially the school will be enjoyable for everyone.

Given it is a half day, it will be half the anticipated cost for a full day camp. The fee is £50 per student for this session. We are really excited to be offering this first trial session and James’ school to everyone who wants to develop their game and learn more about goaltending.

Spaces are limited, maximum 3 goalies per net, so you are guaranteed to get lots of shots, learn from James, and make new friends. Please message if interested. Spaces are offered on a first come first served basis. Whether your puck season is around the corner, your ball season is in full swing, or you’re an ice goalie keen to get coaching and try on a set of wheels, our sessions cater for all.

Warm Regards,

Save Mechanics Goalie School

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