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Monday May 16 2022 

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REAL History of the Game

The tournament at the Elephant and Castle was not the first.
The precursor to that tournament took place at a park in Deptford, SE London, better known as Childers Street (Folkestone Gardens) and was won by the Ashmead Cruisers. They defeated the Black Panthers in the final. The tournament your article refers to, followed the success of that tournament.

Up to this point, our sport was very much an outdoor sport,
hence the name Street Hockey. However,
following what can be best described as a mini-power struggle between Alistair Gordon who was promoting in-door hockey and a brother from SE London name Lusch Gilzean (not sure of the spelling) who wanted the sport to remain out doors and accessible to local communities, the direction of the game changed forever. The players, including me, voted for Mr Gordon's proposal and this was the births
of hockey as we now know it. Some of this is captured in the docu-film The Street Warriors. Over the years that followed, I had an incredible time with
the warriors. The Good Old Days.

For the record, London Street Hockey grew out of the so
called ghettos of inner London and was played predominantly by black teenage boys supported by people from those communities. Sadly, they have been omitted from the history (again). Maybe one day we can re-write the story instead of repeating, His-Story.

When the real-story is told, proper recognition will be
given to the real pioneers of the sport, namely the East-Side Gladiators and
the Ashmead Cruisers. They were the original teams that laid the foundations
for the sport and inspired us to start our own teams. The teams mentioned in
the article were formed some time later. It is from this point that the authors CONTINUE the story of our wonderful sport.

You see, the sport existed long before the author came
across it by chance. Reminds me of this dude named Columbus who still gets credit for discovering places and people that existed long before. Long, long, long before he accidently ran into them.

This is a brief summary of an important chapter of the
history of Street Hockey that appears to have been forgotten or maybe not known by the authors.



Magnum Turbos

Also played in the Elephant & Castle League.

Team members were

Michael Hog McLean (captain), Lassell Grant, Robert Barnes, Desmond Douglas,Trevor Holness, Andrews Duggar, Mark Tomlinson, Roy Gale.

This team started in SE London College Lewisham and also frequented the Childer St skate park on most Sunday afternoons during the summer months.

Mark Tomlinson